Woman with the Cross Necklace

We have only cross paths once but you have changed my life forever. I want to say thank you.

Thank you, for coming through my work late at night and talking to me about Jesus. I was a new baby Christian who got baptized two days after meeting you. There was so many questions I had and so much I did not know about Gods love. You were the first to hear about my testimony and how I wish to see God work in my life.  I admired the cross necklace around your neck and thought how I want one like yours. It was simple but beautiful. You talked with me for 5 minutes. We smiled, laughed, and even shed a tear together on the impact God has made in your life. You informed me the difficult path I am about to walk but also beautiful it will be. You told me how Jesus is always with me. How I am never alone. How he will make himself known everyday, every minute. I was not able to understand half of the things you told me until you took off your necklace and placed it in my hand. I looked at it in awe. When I tried to hand it back to you. You placed your hands on mine to say, “This is my gift to you. Never stop running after Him even when life gets hard. You are love, you are important, and you are His. Welcome to the family, sister”.

Once you left the drive-thru, I never saw you again. I never got to thank you for this gift.

Since this encounter of ours, I see God’s work everyday. He constantly reminds me He is with me.  Through every mistake, laughter, loneliness, and loved moment, I look down at this necklace. I move the clasp to the back of my neck, grab the cross, and close my eyes to Thank you and Him.

Today, I am no where near to the woman I wish to be but I am growing closer everyday. I am learning everyday how to be the best friend to every stranger I meet, to be the best wife to future my husband, and to be the best mother to my future children. I have learned to be patient with myself. To not lose myself in school or work. To remember I do not have to control anything but to embrace everything. To know I am at my strongest when I am weak. To love the unlovable. To share a smile to every living creature. I have learned so much but the journey only has begun.

It has been almost 3 years and the necklace is still around my neck from day one. I pray one day I will be lead to give this necklace to a girl who is new to her faith. Who was as curious as I once was. Who is on fire to know her Father. When that day comes, I will hold this woman in my arms and say to her, “Welcome to the family, sister”.

Thank you for letting God use you to be the light in my life from day one of my walk.


“I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go”

Joshua 1:9


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