Choosing Christ

James Merrick stated, “Love is a choice, people choose on whether they should continue loving their spouse or not. It is just like loving God, one choices if they want to love and trust God while others turn away from him”. People all around the world has a different belief about our God while other refuse to let Him into their lives. The commend view people have on God is the Christian worldview that involves the outlook of God, humanity, Jesus, and restoration.


Our God is a loving God that comes in a trinity. He is the definition of perfect that every one of us humans try to strive for. He loves every one of his children so much that he sent his only Son to die for our sins. That alone explains what our God is like. There are many characteristics that God has but the ones that stand out the most is His goodness, holiness, and justice. Our God is good all the time because He loves every one of his children and will never leave there side. Psalm 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him”. Holiness is also known as being righteous which means our God always knows what is right for His children. Whether they like the situation or not, God knows the right path to lead His people.  It takes loyalty and trust in God on whether His people choose to take that route. Lastly, God is a God of justice. Hancke explains perfectly in his statement about God and justice. Hancke (2012) states, “Nobody can mistreat you and get by with it if you have your faith in God” (p.89). All of Gods’ creations are predictable, ordered, and dependable. God created the universe which makes him the all-powerful since it took a great deal of power to create the universe. Also, God created the heart and soul of human beings in His image. Because of that our ultimate goal as Christians is to follow God’s laws and rules because it keeps us in check and living a morally courageous life. God is all powerful and gives us a model to look towards in the bible and even though we fall short because of are human nature our goal is to be striving for the similarities that God would approve of. The more we become selfless the more we can become closer to salvation through God.


Human nature is what we have hard wired into are brain that makes us sin and lust after things of this world. When God created humans he made us the purest we could be which is sinless and one with God. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree they disobeyed God and began the realization of what the world can be and the problems associated with it. Human Nature is the after effects of that decision we tend to gravitate towards things that are wrong and against God because that is the easiest route. Human purpose on the other in my opinion is striving to please God and live a life that benefits others as much as we can. Each individual has a hand in society and has been planted on this earth by God with a purpose and an impact some smaller than others but each an important part of the world. I also believe that the main problem with humans is this misleading thought of what life is for. Most individuals strive for finding money or fame when really taking care of others and pleasing God should be the most important thing that we should be striving for.


The true identity of Jesus is our savior and as part of the trinity one with God and the physical form of God on earth. Jesus came down onto this earth and gave gentiles an opportunity to follow him and make it into the kingdom of God. Without Jesus there isn’t a way for us to enter the kingdom of heaven because of what we’ve done because of human nature and our own mistakes. Jesus came to purify us from our sins and give us a chance to be seen in God’s eyes as clean. This identity of Jesus is extremely important in the Christian worldview because it is the basis of Christian’s faith. Without a savior to wash away our sins we would be doomed in our sins Jesus is our sacrificial lamb that came to wash away our sins in the eyes of God.


According to the Christian worldview the only way to solve human problems is to repent our sins and follow the word of God. Human problems will continually be the go to for individuals just because that is the easiest way for us to deal with problems because of our human nature. Grace and Faith play a huge role in Christian salvation because we have fallen from grace in God’s eyes and the only way to regain that grace is to become an individual with faith who has repented their sins and can move towards living a sinless type of life through the direction of God and the forgiveness through Jesus.


The benefits and strengths of Christianity is it gives individuals a good moral compass to base decisions off of and because of that it makes individuals better people all around. Christianity has a very strong belief in treating other individuals and the karma that treating these other individuals good those individuals will treat you with respect. Along with that an individual with a strong base faith knows that God is watching over them and that when put in tough situations they have a place to run to with support behind them. Religion is a very important part of peoples need for knowledge of the unknown and the afterlife with no knowledge of the future humans tend to focus on other things that may not be the most productive to those individuals. The confusing thing about Christianity to most individuals is the faith based principle of believing in something that cannot be seen. With any kind of religion this is the main struggle individuals have is not knowing if what they are investing their time in is the right answer. Especially with such a huge weight on this choice effecting your afterlife. The confusion with Christianity I think comes from the question why does bad things happen to good people for example if an individual follows the word of God the best they can how can bad things happen to those individuals but like in the book of Job it may be a test from God. I believe that Christianity influences how a person thinks and behaves in a very positive way. It gives individuals direction in life when life is very complicated and difficult with this direction we can make morally correct decisions over bad decisions. And praying and being a part of a church can be in a way a type of therapy from the problems in someone’s life. I think those who have a strong faith have a better mindset of what to do with their life and where they would like to go moving forward.


For being a newly Christian believer, I take my beliefs very serious. I try to live out the Christian worldview on a daily basis by thinking “what would Jesus do?” with every decision I make.  I decided to make a major change in my life when I became a Christian and it was to become abstinence. I never understood the point of saving yourself till marriage until God reached out to me and showed me the reasons. Malone (2011) explains perfectly, “sex is both physical and emotional. Remaining abstinent can safeguard against feelings of being used, unloved, angry, or betrayed” (p. 5). In the bible, Timothy talks about the role of a believer by being pure. “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12). This verse explains the exact reason why I made this decision. I believe my role is leading people toward Jesus Christ through faith, love, speech, conduct, and purity. By explain my reasoning too many males and females has impacted them to make the same decision. Being a Christ follower is not a sometimes or part-time job, it is a life choice that people must fully commit too.


Our God is such an incredible being that constantly forgives us and showers us with his love. Even after humanity has turned away from Him to commit sin, it does not stop Him from being on our side. God sent his only son to die for our sins on the cross so we could still have a chance to be with Him in heaven. This restoration gave us humans the ability the chance to communicate with Jesus through His gift to us known as the Holy Spirit. Believing in something that is bigger than us gives humans the benefit that there is so much more to life. All these earthly emotions we humans go through such as happiness, pain, betrayal, etc. are all just temporary. God made it clear to us how Christians should live a selfless life because He is a selfless God. The goal for any Christian is to be more like God because he is the true definition of perfect.


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