My Eyes Can See Clearly Now

Recently, a friend of mine has died due to the lies this world kept telling her. Back in high school, I used to envy this woman. She was beautiful, loved by many, and lived a free-spirit life. When negativity came her way, she would fine the positive. This wonderful woman was the ideal girl any man would be lucky to marry. Then, I woke up and found out she was not on this earth anymore.

How could this be? She had the perfect life? She traveled, made friends all over the world, and lit up the room with her joy. Then, my eyes opened. She may have portrayed the perfect life but deep down she was fighting a bigger battle. Just like all of us, she has made mistakes but took them as lessons. Though, our cruel world would preach lies to her and consume her with negative thoughts. This amazing woman was living in a hatred world. There were cries for help that many decided to ignore. Today, she is gone and people NOW feel bad for what they have done.

If you get one thing out of my blog, please understand this; WE ARE HUMAN. We are born into a world full of sin and temptation. Each day we try to overcome the challenges of sin but fail. We fall into sin and punish ourselves for it. It seems impossible to find the good in this world when everything negative is getting thrown our way.

If I could tell my friend one thing before her death, it would be this; There is no expectation in this life. God does not look at us and say “do not do this before I will be disappointed in you. I will love you less”. NO. Us humans make these expectations of ourselves and of others; these expectations will cause us to fail and turn away from God. Jesus walked on this earth and experienced every kind of temptation we have gone through. He understands our struggles and forgives us for our sins when we turn to him. Do you think it was easy for Jesus to say no to sin? No. He also struggled but turn to God for strength and truth.

Jesus is the perfect example of who we may strive to be but we will never be Jesus. Remember, Jesus’s purpose on earth was to spread the good news, create relationships with all kinds of people, and died for every one of our sins so we may live in heaven with Him. He loves us so much that He died on the cross for us even when we were full of sin.

These expectations will lead us to death if we do not stop and think what God wants, not us. Jesus does not keep a score board of how much we have messed up. He pushes all of our mistakes to the side when we call to Him for forgiveness. He does not forget our sins but He is more concern of us running to him rather than dwelling in the pain. Jesus is our strength.

We have 24 hours each day. That is 1,440 mins or 86,400 seconds each day. Do you want to waste that time dwelling in your own worldly expectations or do you want drop your expectations in yourself and see the path God has for you? Do not live in fear or disappointment and trust the path God is leading you on. Find the good and hold onto it because in this hatred world, the good is becoming rare to find.


“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”- Unknown

The pain is over, beautiful. Run free and dance your way though the clouds. We shall all see you soon.

Rest in Peace Kayla Rae Philips



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