Playing with my Life

This is my mothers favorite saying when I tell her my next adventure.

When I booked my plane ticket to Europe, my mom was willing to offer me double the money so I would not go. As great money is, I still went. Did I give my mom nearly a heart attack while I was gone for 2 months? Yes. Though she was also grateful for me going. We talked on the phone every other day while I was backpacking. She heard the joy in my voice of telling her the new adventures I got to experience in each country. Such as:

Swimming in the foundation of Italy with strangers at 3 in the morning.

Being thrown in the air by Australians at our hostel in Venice.

Dancing in the waters of Ibiza to Avicii playing in concert.

Falling asleep on the beach of Spain to airplanes flying over us.

And many many more. She knew it all. I was living the life she wished she did around my age. Deep down in her motherly heart, she was rooting for me on everything I was doing. Before our conversation would end for the day, she always said “You’re playing with your life. Be careful”.

I will admit. I take life for grated sometimes, including my mother. When I was gone I thought I would not miss anything back in the states. Boy was I wrong. I missed my mom so much to the point where I almost bought a ticket back early. If it was not for her making me stay and hearing me vent then my trip would of been cut in half.

We all have that one person who will forever be our rock. Sometimes it is our spouse, friends, or parents. My mother is my rock, forever and always. The day she stops telling me “your playing with your life” will be the day I stop everything.

I offend see people disrespecting there parents on a daily basis. Sometimes I wish to go up to them and help them realize how much they will regret putting their parents through hell. But I don’t. It is a process. It is there own journey and I can only help if they ask me too. I used to do the same to my mom. After many years of being a selfish teenager, I started to realize my mom was doing everything for my safety. We were on the same team and it took me 4 years to see that.

She is my best friend who will always push me to becoming better. Now at 21, I am forever grateful to have someone so honest, truthful, and proud of me even when I am playing with my life.

Now I am traveling to Thailand, ready for my next adventure. All I can think about is my mom telling me these four words every day while I am gone and I cannot wait.

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139: 23-24



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  1. There’s always the risks, when travelling alone, particularly for young women, and people tend to focus on those. It’s important to know them, and consider them, but, wow, the rewards can be something amazing!
    You’ve got some great pictures on here, Mary!


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